Reinvent Yourself


Don’t spend your life thinking "I wish/ What if?" or comparing yourself to others. Let me help you rebuild your life on your own terms and create the freedom, wealth and joy that you’ve been secretly dreaming about. 

I’m Ariane. I’m a Dot Connector.

Entrepreneur, Coach, Creative and Your Personal Reinvention Architect

I’ve lived in Tehran, Paris, Los Angeles, New York and now Zürich (in that order 😊) and I understand what it’s like to feel lost...alone... broken physically, emotionally, and financially. I know what it feels like to yearn for connections and friendships but not knowing where to look.


But...within challenges, there are always new doors of opportunities to open. I did it! And you can too!

Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks

Over the last 20 years, I’ve designed a proven process to turn setbacks into COMEBACKS! My job is to get you ready to take one step back to prepare YOU to leap into YOUR life’s big jump.



Through my own setbacks, struggles, experiences, AND achievements – I’ve learned to turn adversities into advantages! 

My Four R's

My four step method will change the way you look at your life. Together we’ll explore and develop ways to reinvent you and create the life you love.

You're in the right place if...


You want to cultivate an inner voice that is loving, caring, compassionate, strong and motivating.


You want to feel confident and empowered.


You want to stay calm and grounded no matter what life throws your way.


You want to remove all excuses and blocks from your path.


You want to find easy actionable steps that will help you realize your goals.


You just feel completely stuck and have no idea where to begin.

Who I've

Worked With


With Ariane’s help, I have been able to reset and recharge, lower my cortisol levels, and think about things differently.  She has been a conduit to a healthier and more productive life and her expertise is invaluable.

Sara Azari

Defense Attorney & Legal Analyst

Los Angeles

You picked the right issues to work on and I was able to apply and see instant results, very gratifying and strengthening. I definitely know now where to look for my genius and not getting sidetracked anymore.

Diana Dietrich

Model, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur


I haven't loved my job this much in for-ever! And all that after the first session woman!!! You are the one I've been looking for all along.

Vivi P.

Banker and Yoga Instructor



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