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Creative Flow Workshop


  • When was the last time you skipped instead of walking, just as you did when you were a kid?

  • When was the last time you were in awe?

  • When was the last time you told everyone that you wanted to be an Astronaut, a president or a famous super star when you grew up?

  • And when was the last time you had fun being silly without a care in the world?

Can you remember?

Roses Welder

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You're about to re-ignite with the kid in you!

You know, the one who used to be curious, silly, creative and free?

Creative Thoughts

Imagine how you'd feel if you let go and played full out just for a couple of hours?

In case you don't already know, play:

  • releases endorphins

  • improves brain functionality

  • stimulates creativity (creative problem solving)

  • keeps us young and energetic

  • and so much more ...

What's Creative Flow?

When in a play state, you become fully immersed in what it is that you're doing with zero care. Time slows down and nothing else matters.


You're in the zone!

Scientifically speaking

Studies suggest that flirting, humour, imagination, sports, and other forms of play boost positive emotions, creativity, engagement, relationships, and even achievement.

Play is “…a robust predictor of how satisfied we are with our lives.”

Positive Psychologist Christopher E. Peterson


At first, you'll be shown the way since you may be a bit rusty from all these years of being serious on purpose!​

And after a few rounds of deliberate play and movement, you'll be an expert at letting go and being in the flow.


We'll hold the space for you to feel comfortable and safe.  

Let's play full out!


Wearing a suit/tie everyday, sitting behind a computer all day or going from one meeting to another to earn more money or to collect the accolades is not what we were designed to do.

We're meant to be creative and foster our imagination as much as possible to inspire innovation in our businesses.

Let the ideas flow for your business

Come and play with us!
You'll be in great hands & you will not leave confused. If anything a little more curious.


Carla Doorn

Dancer, Choreographer, actress & Feldenkrais Practioner

Alessandro Tschabold.jpeg

Alessandro Tschabold

Design Thinking & Client Centric Specialist

Ariane Tavakol.png

Ariane Tavakol

Personal & Brand reinvention Architect


Born in Argentina, Carla started her career as a Dancer and Actress in Latin America then Europe.  

Formed in Classic and Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Breakdance, Aerial Dance, Clown and Physical Theater.

Today, Carla spends most of her time teaching the Feldenkrais method.

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Alessandro coaches driven startup founders and project managers on how to capture deep client insights while showing them the path to innovation through client-centric design.

He teaches them how to find their purpose and achieve their goals in a fun, lean, and engaging way.

Alessandro is passionate about sharing all of his experiences—successes and failures—to save his clients time and heartache on the road to success.


Ariane is a Brand Reinvention Architect, a luxury lifestyle Blogger, a Producer and a Connector.

She teaches entrepreneurs, executives, creatives and stay at home moms from all walks of life how to reinvent and transform their life (their health, their brand, their relationships and their work) and have the confidence to own it. 

She's obsessed with creating value, "sweating the small stuff" and staying stuck .... in her clients' minds.



"Young children have incredible imaginations. 

They don’t yet have those voices inside their heads that remind them that their dozens of ideas for how to use a fork are silly or stupid. They don’t yet have that voice in their heads reminding them that “forks are for eating and this is how you hold it”. So, they do their divergent thinking first – here is this new object, what can it be used for.  Then, after experimenting with it, they do their convergent thinking and decide what purpose(s) the object has." (unknown)

Let's think like kids 

Are you ready to flow?

Join us on December 14th.
18h - 20h
Location: Le Bijou (a true jewel)
Lintheschergasse 23, 8001 Zurich
5th floor.

(20% of proceeds will go to Action for women )

45 minutes of pure flow!
Move your body with Carla to the sound of surprise! Then experiment with creative thinking exercises.

45 min: use that flow state to innovate the part of your business which needs it most.

.....and some surprises!

Arts and Crafts Class

Health pass-requirements: every guest will have to present a recognized vaccination certificate, health certificate or valid PCR test not older than 72 hours or a rapid test not older than 48 hours.

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