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With this kickstart program we set you up for a complete transformation, in both your personal and professional life.


"I haven't felt this "at peace" in a year.

I haven't loved my job this much in for-ever! And all that after the first session woman!!!. You are the one I've been looking for all along."

Viviane, Banker. Yoga Instructor  - Zurich

"I've been able to reset and recharge.


What distinguishes Ariane from the other coaches I’ve worked with is her expansive knowledge and experience with all walks of life and issues.  Because of that she’s able to take an approach that is customized to her pupil’s needs and level of reception. ​


Ariane has been a conduit to a healthier and more productive life and her expertise is invaluable."

Sara Azari, defense attorney & legal analyst - Los Angeles

"I didn’t imagine coaching would be so practically applicable right away.

You picked the right issues to work on and I was able to apply and see instant results, very gratifying and strengthening. 

I definitely know now where to look for my genius and not getting sidetracked anymore."

Diana Dietrich, Model, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur - Zurich


With this kickstart program we set you up for a complete transformation, in both your personal and professional life.

This package contains everything you need to help you get back into the work force with confidence. All you need is the right attitude, mindset and a convincing CV.

A 24 page workbook filled with thought provoking exercises designed to move you to think outside of your current box.

30 minutes spent together to understand where you're at, what your current challenges are and how to best overcome them.

You will learn how to focus to gain clarity and reach your goals faster.

Professionally designed CV templates with the wow-effect needed when job searching - companies will be waiting in line to hire you!

Step-by-step instructions to present your work experience in the best possible way, including the "Wow" effect! 
98% of the applicants submit boring applications and therefore get rejected. 

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  • You want to feel confident and empowered but you're missing the know-how.

  • You've finally discovered your dream job but have no idea how to sell and present yourself in your cover letter and CV.

  • You don't know how to get the attention of your future boss. 

When putting yourself out there, one of 3 reactions to be expected: YES, NO, or WOW!

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That your journey to transformation will begin here and out of 10 applications you submit at least 8 will be v for an interview.


Because not only will you be more clear about your personal and professional goals but you will also stand out when it comes to the first impression.


So far, more than 400 clients have been successful with this application template and got their dream job because thanks to this holistic approach and method, you will be considerably ahead of your competitors. We'll make you stand out!



Thanks to our collective years of experience in both personal development and job application coaching we know exactly what we must focus on to help our clients get unstuck and increase their chances of getting their dream job. 

The coaching session will be the necessary jumpstart to reclaim your power, challenge your limiting beliefs to help you better perform during your job interviews.


With Selma's help, you will be guaranteed to get your foot in the door, just like the lucky 400 applicants who managed to land their dream job..

Invest in yourself! Get in the race to increase your chances of winning.  

We want you to succeed and have the life and job you deserve.

Ariane Tavakol & Selma Kyuas

Personal Growth Strategist & Application Professional