"Well, that's just how it is, I can't change." 

While this way of thinking may seem to have worked in the past, look where it's gotten you now! You simply cannot think that way if you want more from your life.

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"My name is Adina and I am an aerospace engineer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I was looking for a while for an energetic, driven, out of the box and leading by example type of coach and the moment I met Ariane, I could immediately feel that she is the one that could help me in my personal reinvention journey. So I asked her whether she would be willing to coach me and that was one of the best decisions I even took!


I had a lot of resistance to change at the beginning as I was so attached to who I used to be. Ariane immediately understood the blocking points and she felt precisely what needed to be uncovered, unpeeled and brought to light. Her coaching style is powerful, structured, fun and designed for change without even me noticing I was changing. Only when we looked back, I realised how far I have reached!


Ariane placed a light on my strengths so that I can see and accept them and made me also aware of my weaknesses but tackled those with a concrete, step-by-step plan, designed for lasting change that made use of my strengths. Her way to customise the action plan and the homework making use of my strengths and my natural way of doing things gave me immediate results. And seeing results made me feel inspired and craving for more!


Each session with Ariane gave me more clarity towards what I wanted

to achieve. Her support through the process is like a safety net:she is always there, available, present, not judgemental and caring.


Ariane, thank you for the amazing journey together! You are truly a breath of fresh air in the coaching arena!"

Adina, Aerospace Engineer ESA - Amsterdam

Gain Control of Your Life.   I believe in a holistic approach with winner execution.

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You want to cultivate an inner voice that is loving, caring, compassionate, strong and motivating.

You want to find easy actionable steps that will help you realize your goals.

You want to remove all excuses and blocks from your path.

You want to stay calm and grounded no matter what life throws your way.

You want to feel confident and empowered.

You just feel completely stuck and have no idea where to begin.

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