In person. By Phone. By Skype. 

Pick a problem, a struggle and we'll work on it until you crack it open!

For example, would you like to relate better to people, especially at work?

How about stopping with the excuses and stepping up your game? 

Or earning money doing what you love? 

Hourly sessions with a minimum of 6. If applicable I'll add a little sweetener (meditation or Reiki)

Unlearn to Create New

Become your best friend. Change the language and tone of your inner voice to one that's supportive, kind and compassionate.

Let go of all the belittling​ and limiting beliefs about you and the world. Be open to all the possibilities that show up for you.


But in order to see through the clouds and the fog, you have to learn to be present and focused. 

This 6 month bespoke program only works if you're ready to take the leap and jump onto the unknown.  Be ready to welcome what you don't know.


Out the Comfort Zone Bootcamp

Stop being miserably comfortable and start living! So much goodness lies behind that wall of fear. Ask  yourself, "what is the worst than can happen?"


I'll lovingly push you and encourage you. I'll keep you yourself!

Be ready for a week of sweat, tears and joy!

No bootcamp has ever been easy but without the pain there would be no gain.


Leave your daily grind behind for a few days and come back resourced, energized and focused.

Welcome new and different possibilities by stepping outside of your comfort zone.


And how better than doing the work away from your daily grind, at a scenic location, while short of being spoon-fed, everything else is done for you? All you have to do is show up and do your work. The rest is up to us.

Understanding Your Values (Strengths)

For Managers:

Help employees identify and understand their own values by having explicit conversations about it:

  • Understanding the values, ideas and beliefs they hold most precious will help you resonate with them during difficult times. 

  • Understanding their values will help keep them accountable (behavior must reflect values)

For Employees:

Understand your values, strengths and flex those muscles as far as you can. The more you understand the value you bring, the more you practice it, the less you will feel insecure or less than.

Let The Creative In You Loose

We were all kids once and loved to role play, draw, make things with Lego, jump, dance and sing no matter how silly we looked to others. And because of it, there was no limit to how far our imagination would take us. Until one day, we got told to stop dreaming and start conforming. We started following other people's ideas and leads, stopped paying attention to our intuition and trusting it. Basically we killed the creative in us.

The good news is that it's not lost! No matter the industry and role you're playing, the kid in you is waiting to come out.

Tomorrow, in such a fast changing world, creativity will be the skill most in demand. A computer can't imagine or dream. It doesn't have the emotional capacity that we humans have. 

Together we will:

  • Create the right environment for your creativity to come out.

  • Identify the different types of creative thinking.

  • Do exercises to help think "outside the box". We'll actually remove the box all together!

  • Exercise in teams to facilitate group thinking, bonding and reawake your forgotten creative abilities. 


Team Building

We spend more time with our colleagues than our closest family members and friends. Yet, we hardly know anything about each-other. Somehow we deliberately create distance to protect ourselves. But in reality, this distance also can create divides within teams. We can only grow as a business if we grow closer as a team and allow our vulnerable side to come out to create winning formulas together.

Be ready to get closer! 

  • Encourage active listening.

  • Build trust.

  • Collaboration vs.Competition.

  • Conflict handling.


It really isn't as bad as you think! I will take you on different journeys to help you visualize and understand the concepts. Nothing like a guided meditation to get a point!

And while you'll let me take you to an imaginary place,  you'll initiate certain things in your brain and body. Needless to say that the effects will only show if you continue practicing over a long period of time but you can definitely expect to feel relaxed and present at the very least.

And if you continue meditation, these benefits can be expected (and more):

  • Preserve the ageing brain.

  • Your mind will wander less and be more in the Now.

  • Will reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression.

  • Will improve your concentration and attention.

  • Will improve memory.

So is it not worth the try? What do you have to lose?

Do you want easy techniques to practice at home to overcome your fears? for free? 

You know you really 

want to!

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