Was it hard? Absolutely!

Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Hi! I’m Ariane!


This is the story of an Entrepreneur, a blogger, a traveler, a foodie and most of all a die hard optimist who believes that there's power lying within each and every one of us. 

My life has been like a box of chocolate ...

A lot of my passions seemed unconnected

So many questions

For a very long time ...

Until I decided to dig deep

My biggest"AHA" moment ...

My happiness is on ME and ME only.

Every bite has been a surprise, sometimes good, sometimes so-so and sometimes just terrible. But every step of the way, I learned invaluable lessons and revelations that pushed me to the next chapter of my book of life. I’ve tried it all (or almost all!). Working "normal jobs" during the day and working side projects at night and on weekends to keep me sane and excited. It went from a plus size E-comm (called Bookoopop!), to producing fashion and beauty videos, to becoming a Guided meditation / Reiki certified practitioner, to a myriad of more fun things in between.



But looking back they made me who I am today - a tireless Dreamer, Believer and Go-Getter!

For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated by the human psyche (which probably explains why I chose to study Sociology and Psychology!). Maybe because I was trying to make sense of my own life and questions.

Why do some people struggle so much while others always find a way to thrive no matter the challenges life throws at them? Why is it that some get stuck in a cycle of self-destruction, mostly just by the virtue of their own thoughts while others take every opportunity to soar to new heights?

I carried the most deprecating self talk. I was always the best at promoting everyone else but when it came to me I never dared, probably because in the back of my mind, for who knows what reason, I didn’t believe I could or even deserved it.

Ironically, I am known as THE Social Queen who somehow always managed to attract the most interesting, unique and successful individuals into her life. I’m also known as the go-to person for great advice and ideas. I would literally spend hours decrypting the underlying messages and finding solutions best suited for that person. 

Sadly their views of me didn’t connect with me …

With countless hours of deep diving and learning from the best coaches one can imagine, I finally understood that unless I completely change my mindset, the way I think, the words I speak and utter to myself, nothing will ever change and I will stay stuck, always wondering why.


I had to learn to love myself (the total package). I had to reset the button and rewire my brain. Not easy, let me tell you! BUT the journey as difficult and painful as it can be is worth every single tear because had I not surrendered to it, I would have never experienced what lied behind that thick wall of limitation and fear.


... Happened once I finally realised and embraced the fact that other people’s opinion of me is seriously none of my business. All my traits make me the unique person that I am and it's ok not to always be the life of the party or know everything. What I don’t know, I can learn. 

Today, with years of practice under my belt, I can say that I've become more free of my limited beliefs. Not to say that I've been able to eradicate them and that I never feel bad, but what I can say is that I've found the way to deal with life and its challenges better. The power is within me and ...


This, my friends, is what I have been teaching beautiful people around the world. The biggest gift of life is to spread the boundless love and knowledge we have within us. I'm the happiest when I can empower those in need find clarity in their otherwise perceived fog. I strive to empower them to see the bigger picture and achieve their true potential.

I believe that no matter what is going on, YOU have the power to change your life, and by virtue of that you'll also change the world around you. 


I’m fully committed to show you what’s possible. And once you’re done with me, you too will be Unstoppable!

©2019 Ariane Tavakol International