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One-on-One coaching - personal development
Did you somewhere along the line get stuck and believe that there was no way out because that’s just how life is?


It’s about time you played a bigger game in your life and started expanding your way of thinking and doing. If you don’t do it now then when will it ever be the right time?

If you have the necessary motivation and drive to do what it takes to shake things up and change you current story, then you're at the right place!

My goal is to guide you to find your own way by giving you the tools, the time and resources necessary. The idea is empower you to fly with your own wings (unless you love our time together so much that you can't let go!) . 


A taste of how it'll be to work with me

Two hours spent together to understand where you're at, what your current challenges are and what outcome you'd like to reach. Perfect for those who have commitment issues and need to feel the ground.


Unlearn to Create New

Pick a problem, a struggle and we'll work on it until you crack it open. You'll get homework with tools attached.

A minimum of 12 sessions. You may get special treats like meditation or Reiki!


Next level Transformation

You want to re-write an Epic new story. You're ready to hack your system and create major shifts in your life. Thinking small is just not an option anymore.

You're dedicated and hungry for more.

A minimum of 24 sessions.


Do you want easy techniques to practice at home to overcome your fears? 

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Take advantage! You have nothing to lose.


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