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Team Coaching


Create wellbeing and leadership development at work. I will help you see things beyond the visible. I will help you understand your core values, shift your current mindset and behavior to create the motivation and confidence you need to achieve anything you want.

Do you want to work in an environment where you feel energized, creative and safe?

The workplace of today is changing faster and faster by the day. Businesses have to adapt quickly and swiftly even if they’re not ready or don’t quite understand how. This creates insecurity at the work place and employees feel stressed most of the time. 


You care about your colleagues. Your goal is to have a team of creative, dedicated and open-minded individuals who know how to manage stress and remain focused when working under pressure. You know that happier employees equal happier customers, leading to the success of your organisation. 


Collective Reframing will not only help your teams and leaders deal better with the inevitable challenges of the working environment, but also assist your organisation boost productivity and counteract employee absence, staff turnover and interpersonal conflicts.

Is That You?​

You want to work in an environment and culture conducive to strong teamwork but don’t know how to create it.   

You want to learn tools to have healthy discussions, navigate through the twists and turns of office life with grace and patience to focus on collective decisions and results. 

Collective Reframing 

Create an environment that fosters positivity, creativity and better communication between members of the team. 

So what? 

  • Attract and retain employees 

  • A better work culture     

  • Better productivity     

  • Enhanced creativity     

  • Safe communication     

  • More empathy     

  • A renewed purpose 

  • Team spirit 

  • Greater innovation and collaboration

  • More focus

  • Growth mindset

  • A greater sense of satisfaction 

Simple solutions

Make A Big Decision About Something - Leaving A Job, A Relationship, Starting A Business, Etc. As Well As Taking Action On That Decision. You'll Be Supported Through Every Step, Including Loving Accountability. 

You Need To Have A Hard Conversation With Someone And Do Not Know Where To Start. We'll Break Down Everything You Need To Say In Order To Feel Proud Of How You Show Up, As Well As Work On Being Unattached To The Outcome.

Find Clarity Because You're Feeling Stuck In Some Area Of Your Life. Maybe You Want More Joy, To Honor Yourself And Your Values, or Feel Like You Don't Know Whats Next. Or, Maybe You Just Want To Kick More Ass In Your Life. 

Would like to pick Ariane's brain on successful blogging and networking or online business coaching.

I want you to Thrive and not just Survive. 

Phone Number: 123-456-7890    /     Email:   

I offer your organization the promise of a unique, creative, outside the box and fun experience. With the Collective “Reframing Method”, my goal is to help create well-being and leadership development at work.  

Team building, creative brainstorming at work will help your teams and leaders deal better with the inevitable challenges of the working environment in today’s world. 

Together we’ll explore ideas and mediums perhaps not considered before in a corporate environment to boost productivity and counteract employee absence, interpersonal conflicts and anxiety. 

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