Create wellbeing and leadership development at work.

Do you want to work in an environment where you feel energized and creative?

The workplace of today is changing faster and faster by the day. Businesses have to adapt quickly and swiftly even if they’re not ready or don’t quite understand how. This creates insecurity at the work place and employees feel stressed most of the time. 

​You care about your staff. Your goal is to have a team of creative, dedicated and open-minded individuals who know how to manage stress and remain focused when working under pressure. You know that happier employees equal happier customers, leading to the success of your organisation.​

Incorporating mindfulness at work will not only help your teams and leaders deal better with the inevitable challenges of the working environment, but also assist your organisation boost productivity and counteract employee absence, staff turnover and interpersonal conflicts.

Collective Reframing METHOD

 Explore. Understand. Incorporate. 

Mindful Design is all about team building, creative thinking and mindful being. 

  Play as a Team  

Be ready to get closer

Get to know your colleagues! In the end you spend more time with them than anyone else, yet, you hardly know anything about them.


This deliberate distance also can create divides within teams. We can only grow as a business if we grow closer as a team and allow our vulnerable side to come out to create winning formulas together.

  Understand your values  

Create new winning habits


It starts with understanding your and your employees' values.

Understanding your values (employees & managers), ideas and beliefs you hold most precious will help you resonate with your team during difficult times. 

  Think outside the Box  

Let the Creative in you loose


We were all kids once and loved to role play, draw, make things with Lego, jump, dance and sing no matter how silly we looked to others.


And because of it, there was no limit to how far our imagination would take us. Until one day, we got told to stop dreaming and start conforming.

Basically we killed the creative in us.


Let's create the right environment for your creativity to come out.​

What They say


She put her skill-sets to work in order to inspire thinking and action past the classroom

"Ariane has conducted a Mindfulness Session for us during our global Learning Week and I'm happy to note that her session was not only fully booked but also received amazing feedback from UBS employees joining the session.


I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration with Ariane, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly talented. Beyond that, she is an impressive coach who is able to bring very personal growth advice to the people she is working with.


Her knowledge of mindfulness training was a huge advantage to our entire office. She put this skillset to work in order to inspire thinking and action past the classroom."


—  Chen Liu, Talent & Development Wealth Management - UBS, Zurich

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