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I was once where you are...

In 2013, I moved from NYC to Zurich, where I live now. It was time to put my knowledge about personal reinvention into action. The move was isolating and hard. I couldn’t understand the language or the culture. Making friends seemed impossible. Here we go again—an outsider. But . . . this time was different because now I understood how to reinvent myself. 


I started by simply asking myself what I liked: luxury, interesting people, and being fun. I love to be unique. So how could I meet interesting people in a unique and fun way? What could I do that’s totally unconventional? I trusted that if I put myself out there, the Universe would meet me halfway—then life would get wild. 


My luxury lifestyle blog, Discover Out Loud, was born! Instead of smalltalk with boring people at scripted events, I interviewed fascinating people and went deep. I asked everybody, “Tell me about a time you’ve failed.” The wisdom we gain from failing far outweighs what we learn from succeeding. 


My blog taught me to say yes to opportunities that challenged my comfort zone. One of my favorite articles, “Ferrari Therapy,” is about facing my driving anxiety by participating in a Ferrari test drive event full of race car drivers—I drove around a racetrack, down a freeway, and up a mountain. Terrifying! But, I felt so empowered and alive!  

Ariane Tavakol-Ferrari.jpeg


From deprecating self talks to becoming an agent of transformation.

Change is HARD and I'd lie if I said that it was different for me. How do you think I know you so well?

For a very long time...

I hid behind all kinds of pretexts and excuses not to show up, not to lean in because I was too afraid of other people’s opinion of me and truly believed I had nothing interesting or valuable to add.

I was always the best at promoting everyone else but when it came to me…well, that’s a whole other story! 

How and why?

Probably because of programmed limiting beliefs and insecurities that I had inherited from my family and general life setbacks.

So ironic!

I was always (and still) known as THE Social Queen, the all time Connector, who somehow always managed to attract the most interesting, unique and successful individuals into her life. I’m also known as the go-to person for great advice and ideas. I spent hours (and still do)  decrypting the underlying messages of anyone’s problems to find the best suited solutions for that person.

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And that's where the paradox lies

How people viewed me didn’t connect with how I viewed myself. I felt unaccomplished and insecure and nothing anyone said could change my mind.

Until I decided to re-write my story.

There was no way around it - I had to completely change my narrative. The ultimate price tag wasn’t worth it. I was so ready to claim my power and my mind to finally be set free! I decided to take massive action and create my new Destiny!


With countless hours of deep diving and learning from the best coaches, I finally understood that for years I had created a blueprint in absolute disfavor of Me.


I started saying “No” to the things (and thoughts) that didn’t serve me and a big “Yes” to life! Since then I have no problem asking for what I want and deserve (my non- negotiables) and I don’t let my fears dictate my life anymore. It may seem simple but to get to this point took me years! 

Braving it and fully committing to my own transformation became my driving force, the thread that connected all dots.

See, I’m here to help you reprogram those limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck, small and scared.

Success is an inside job and if I could do it, so can you!

My credentials:

  • DEUG in Letters, Arts & Communication, La Sorbonne

  • Bachelors Degree in Sociology, UCIrvine

  • Graduate Certificate in Psychology, Antioch

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