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Hi! I'm Ariane. I’m your Dot Connector.

Entrepreneur, Coach, Creative and Your Personal Reinvention Architect

Image by Gaelle Marcel

My greatest moment: 

Becoming a Reinvention Architect

I believe that anything can be done as long as you put your best foot forward and take the necessary actions.


Reinvention isn’t about becoming a brand new person. It’s not about changing your hair color, because let’s be real, your roots will grow out. It’s about taking risks and embracing the edges of life—refusing to stay miserably comfortable. Reinvention is about saying yes to things that scare us because we know that the magic always lies on the other side of the fear.


You only have one life to live, so please please let’s not waste it keeping yourself small, worrying about things you can’t control. Don’t wait for life to happen—make it happen. It’s ok to be Perfectly Imperfect! If you have a dream, talk to others about it. Don’t get discouraged and don’t let your setbacks stop you from trying again and again. 


When you wake up to realize that going through life numb and desensitized is scarier than taking risks and saying yes to your edges, call me. I’ll teach you how to turn your setbacks into comebacks.

Action is the mother of all success.

Marie Forleo

My contribution to 

Thrive Global

So excited to share some of my published articles on Arianna Huffington's awesome platform!

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