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My greatest moment: 

Becoming a Reinvention Architect

I believe that anything can be done as long as you put your best foot forward and take the necessary actions.


Once I truly integrated and followed my coaches' techniques and wisdom, my life began to change, slowly but sustainably - it all assimilated naturally and organically. 

All of a sudden I was asked to start coaching people professionally! A woman I had met at one of the many meetings I attended asked me if I could help her design a new life.  She felt totally stuck and didn't know where to turn.  I was a bit scared but oh so excited. I could have never dreamed in a million years that I had the power to move people and help them transform their lives.

Witnessing the impact I have and the glow on my students' faces motivates me to step up my own game every day.

Action is the mother of all success.

Marie Forleo

My contribution to 

Thrive Global

So excited to share some of my published articles on Arianna Huffington's awesome platform!

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