Who's Your Brand?

Your BRAND is so much more than a logo or a website!

Your brand is way more than just a logo, a service or a thing. Your brand has it’s unique tone, presence and personality, just like a person. That special trait is what we, as the customer relate to because somehow we see ourselves in it.

Would you ...

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

​As humans we feel the way we think:

  • We act on what we believe to be true … whether it’s true or not is irrelevant

  • Beliefs that are based on fear are the most convincing because they’re primal

  • That which threatens you demands your attention above all else

  • If you believe a loss of control will threaten your job and your reputation, you’ll switch to the one who promises you greater control.

  • We look for brands, ideas, things and people that ultimately agree with our beliefs.

We’re captives to our beliefs.

What we believe to be true creates and controls every need and want.

I think, therefore I am.

René Descartes

Our Beliefs Dictate Our Actions

Some Things I’ve Done For Past Clients


In just a few hours I helped a client see her business from a completely different angle which helped her identify new opportunities and exciting new ideas.


Helped a client craft an entire brand narrative to inspire and connect with people emotionally, to engage with them and turn prospects into fans.


Developed a strategy for how my client could pivot and reinvent her brand to adapt to the demands of a “Sassyer” than ever customer in an ever changing market.


Coached a Start-Up to align with their target audience and position them as the leader and authority in their field.

Do you need to pivot your business but have no idea how?

So, who’s your brand?

Let me help you and your business identify who you are and define your belief system so you can be the absolute best you can possibly be.

Challenges are gifts in disguise, and like many people out there I admire, I choose to make life happen for me, not to me. What lights up my face and makes me bounce out of bed in the morning is using my experience to help brands clean the glasses they view their businesses through. You see, it’s not the outside world that makes the lenses cloudy and brown—the spots are our temporary struggles and limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world. Changing your perspective is just like washing your glasses. 

That’s when clarity happens.

I'm Ariane.

I'm a Dot Connector.

​Reinventing, reassessing or refreshing your brand is like remembering all the great things that made you fall in love with it in the first place. Kinda like when you first started dating the love of your life...I can’t imagine you ever showed up looking confused, sloppy or wearing inappropriate clothes for the occasion (like a bathing suit for dinner!). And I’m pretty sure you watched your language and didn’t swear every 2 minutes! You probably asked a lot of questions to get to know them better - understand what they’re into, what their pet peeves are, what worries them, what excites them.

You did all that because you wanted them to LIKE YOU!

Well the same thing applies to your business, whether it’s a start-up or has been around for a while. 

I can help you with that.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos

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 I am eternally grateful to Ariane for helping me find the inspiration to see myself in a new and objective way, debunk the limiting beliefs holding me back, and hold me accountable for my goals. I saw results from her coaching almost immediately.

Sylvia Day
Actor. Comedian. Improv Coach


What is great in Ariane's coaching style is her ability to relate to her own professional experience: you know that she's been there too, so any advice, tool, routine that she'll give/teach you, she has already used it herself. She has a natural talent for reading and understanding people.

Morgane K.
Manager - Hotel Real Estate Advisory Services


I am now light years away from where I was the first day I met Ariane. 

Her style of coaching is incredible - she's firm when she needs to be and caring when she needs to be - powerful and strong. 

Joyce Amil.
Entrepreneur, Fashion Stylist, Choreographer.