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Aerospace Engineer ESA - Amsterdam

Ariane's coaching style is powerful, structured, fun and designed for change.

My name is Adina and I am an aerospace engineer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I was looking for a while for an energetic, driven, out of the box and leading by example type of coach and the moment I met Ariane, I could immediately feel that she is the one that could help me in my personal reinvention journey. So I asked her whether she would be willing to coach me and that was one of the best decisions I even took!


I had a lot of resistance to change at the beginning as I was so attached to who I used to be. Ariane immediately understood the blocking points and she felt precisely what needed to be uncovered, unpeeled and brought to light. Her coaching style is powerful, structured, fun and designed for change without even me noticing I was changing. Only when we looked back, I realised how far I have reached! Ariane placed a light on my strengths so that I can see and accept them and made me also aware of my weaknesses but tackled those with a concrete, step-by-step plan, designed for lasting change that made use of my strengths. Her way to customise the action plan and the homework making use of my strengths and my natural way of doing things gave me immediate results. And seeing results made me feel inspired and craving for more!


Each session with Ariane gave me more clarity towards what I wanted to achieve. Her support through the process is like a safety net:she is always there, available, present, not judgemental and caring. Ariane, thank you for the amazing journey together! You are truly a breath of fresh air in the coaching arena!

Joyce Amil.png


Founder of I AM. Stylist, Choreographer - Dubai

I am now light years away from where I was the first day I met Ariane. 

My name is Joyce, and I'd like to say a few things about Ariane.


When I first met Ariane, I was in a very transitional place in my life. I was going through a pandemic just like everyone else was, and it was affecting me quite a bit. 


I was also going through a career shift. I had just sold my business, which I had for about eight years. I was going through a very transitional and painful phase. 


I was lacking in motivation, inspiration and somehow even lacking in aspiration. And so decided to look for someone who can help me. And that's when I met Ariane. She was recommended to me by a friend. And it's the best decision I ever made!


The way she started off was, “unless you're ready Joyce, don't come to me”.  I thought, OK, this woman really means business. I knew then that she's really after one thing and one thing only, and that's helping me and making sure that I can achieve my goals. 


Ariane was the perfect fit for me because of her previous experience in her career. I just felt like she would really understand me and my needs. Her style of coaching was incredible because she was firm when she needed to be (made sure that I got things done) and caring when she needed to be - a mix of warm feelings and also getting things done - powerful and strong. And that’s exactly what I needed and wanted. 


Her guidance was super important, something that I definitely feel helped me a lot. I am now light years away from where I was the first day I met her. I was lacking in organization and inspiration. I was lacking in motivation. 


Ariane challenged me every step of the way. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I started doing things I hadn't done before or had put on the back burner. She really helped push me in more ways than one, whether it's with tasks, emotionally or mentally. She really did. Helped me a lot. A lot. A lot. 


I would most definitely recommend Ariane to anyone and everyone that feels stuck in their career or want to reinvent themselves. She is an incredible, incredible coach. And I just can't say enough good things about her.

Sylvia Day.jpeg

Sylvia Day

Actor. Comedian.

- Zurich, US

I am eternally grateful to Ariane for helping me debunk the limiting beliefs holding me back. 

As a professional actor and comedian, my industry practically disappeared during the first year of the pandemic. Being told that your work is "non-essential" can be challenging for even the most confident performer.


A dear friend put me in touch with Ariane who then coached me for 8 weeks to help refocus and redefine who I wanted to become in this new era.


I am eternally grateful to Ariane for helping me find the inspiration to see myself in a new and objective way, debunk the limiting beliefs holding me back, and hold me accountable for my goals. I saw results from her coaching almost immediately, and those closest to me also commented on the positive changes they observed.


Even though we were an ocean apart, her firm-but-kind style, global mindset and healing presence had a powerful effect and made me look forward to our Zoom sessions every week.


I would gladly recommend Ariane to anyone looking to reinvent themselves at any stage of their life or career. The investment in yourself is so worth it!



Manager - Hotel Real Estate Advisory Services - Zürich

Ariane has a natural talent for reading and understanding people.


Ariane was a real breath of fresh air in a difficult period of my life. I was just coming back from maternity leave and learned that I would be out of job in a few weeks time, which triggered a lot of stress,uncertainties and a complete reassessment of both my personal and professional self.


When I met Ariane, it "clicked" and I really wanted to work with her. She was so positive, enthusiastic and caring... and it felt so good ! What is great in Ariane's coaching style is her ability to relate to her own professional experience: you know that she's been there too, so any advice, tool, routine that she'll give/teach you, she has already used it herself. 


Ariane also has a natural talent for reading and understanding people, which makes the coaching process much more efficient and effective.

Personally, she helped me put things into perspective, unlock dead-blocks and more importantly see things from a different angle, where failure is a strength and chaos an opportunity.


Thanks Ariane for the inspiring coaching !

Anne Robley.jpg

Anne Robley

Founder Shirley's Girl - Zürich

Working with Ariane is not for the faint of heart! 

She has a knack of seeing your potential and is not afraid to call you on it, if you are holding yourself back.


I came to Ariane with an idea (which I was quite happy with) but it was as if my idea were a candle in the dark. She was like 'nice, but check this out' and threw on the switch to football stadium lights! I was blinded, terrified (and a bit annoyed) but as my eyes adjusted, I started to see SO MUCH; potential, directions, open sky... suddenly, my ideas were limitless!!


This excitement hasn't left me since!


I cannot recommend her enough... even if Ariane may scare you at first, the power and confidence you will gain is priceless!


You've changed the course of my life Ariane."


Sara Azari

Defense attorney & legal analyst - Los Angeles

I've been able to reset and recharge.

“I am an attorney and on-air legal analyst.  Though Ariane has been close friend to me for decades, I’m documenting my experience with her coaching skills as an objective beneficiary. 

My daily routine is replete with stress: I wake up at 3:30 am and brief the news.  I engage in heavy power lifting at the gym before I start my day.  I then put on my warrior hat and fight adversaries in court while tending to my clients’ pressing needs.  In between all of this, I make tv appearances that at the last minute require me to read, prepare and deliver.  And like all of us, I deal with the every day stressors of life and the responsibilities that come with it.

What distinguishes Ariane from the other coaches I’ve worked with is her expansive knowledge and experience with all walks of life and issues.  Because of that she’s able to take an approach that is customized to her pupil’s needs and level of reception. 


With Ariane’s help, I have been able to reset and recharge, lower my cortisol levels, and think about things differently.  She has been a conduit to a healthier and more productive life and her expertise is invaluable."



Banker - Zürich

I left each session inspired.

"There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude for Ariane’s work, effort, love, patience, and wisdom. She allowed me to improve on myself in my own way and pace. I came to Ariane at a time when I was working on several challenges to overcome. Not only did she guide me through a difficult time, she also supported me in my self-discovery and helped me be aware of years of behavior patterns that prevented me to further grow as a person.


I left each session inspired and with the resources to learn and to advance in my life in ways that otherwise would have not been possible. I highly recommend Ariane to anyone seeking a compassionate, creative, and genuine professional."



Food & Beverages Manager Hospitality - Switzerland

You recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a person in a very short time.

Ariane has a great strength, which I think makes her as good as she is. The strengths are encouraged and used to deal with the weaknesses. Personally, I felt so comfortable in a very short time that I was able to open completely.


Ariane brings things in ones up that you were unaware of, and links them together so that everything suddenly seems simple and logical. Ariane pushes you to step out of the comfort zone to make progress and to reach your goals.


Diana Dietrich.

Model, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur - Zürich

I didn’t imagine coaching would be so practically applicable right away.

You picked the right issues to work on and I was able to apply and see instant results, very gratifying and strengthening. I definitely know now where to look for my genius and not getting sidetracked anymore.


Monia Pyraki.

Life Coach  - Zürich

Ariane helps you to go to the point.


Ariane i s a dynamic and encouraging coach. She gives her clients the opportunity to "FLY" & follow their dreams. She is supportive but most importantly she is a person that helps you to go to the point - with clarity and also with a nice sense of humor and fun!


She gives her clients the space to seek their truth & goals based on what they want to achieve but also challenges them to identify what holds them back.


I personally  felt really inspired and excited to make the next steps that we identified together towards my goal! I would highly recommend Ariane as a coach!

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