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Chen Liu

Talent & Development Wealth Management, UBS, Zürich

She put her skill-sets to work in order to inspire thinking and action past the classroom.

Ariane has conducted a Mindfulness Session for us during our global Learning Week and I'm happy to note that her session was not only fully booked but also received amazing feedback from UBS employees joining the session.


I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration with Ariane, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly talented. Beyond that, she is an impressive coach who is able to bring very personal growth advice to the people she is working with.


Her knowledge of mindfulness training was a huge advantage to our entire office. She put this skillset to work in order to inspire thinking and action past the classroom.

Simply Soup

Assem-Simply Soup.jpeg

Assem Klammsteiner

Owner, Simply Soup - Zürich

Ariane takes the expression "think outside of the box" to a whole new level.

In just a few hours Ariane helped me see my business from a completely different angle which in turn helped me identify new opportunities and exciting new ideas!


When you work with Ariane you work ON your business instead of IN it, which is not only helpful but indispensable if you want your business to grow and succeed. Ariane asked me extremely insightful, carefully architected questions that helped me reinvent my brand. She is a true forward thinker, her direct, no bullshit approach is refreshing and extremely helpful in a sea of yes-sayers.


I loved working with her and look forward to more collaborations in the future!”


Reto Frei Tibits.jpeg

Reto Frei

Co founder & owner Tibits.


Ariane is a great sparring partner

Ariane is a positive and inspiring sparring partner to reflect your business and give you honest feedback to improve your business.

The Trip Boutique

The Trip Boutique.jpg

The Trip Boutique


Ariane is a fast thinker and could quickly understand the context of our business

Ariane conducted the "Collective Reframing" workshop as part of our annual team retreat. Over the course of one afternoon, our team worked on powerful exercises that helped us be appreciative of one another, reflect on our team culture and challenge the way we set our goals and objectives.

It was really stimulating and inspiring and it created the right atmosphere for us to unlock our creativity for the second part of our workshop: "Who is your brand".


Ariane's energizing moderation style helped the team keep up the high spirits and be participative and engaged throughout the whole workshop - even the most introverted ones!


Ariane is also a fast thinker and could quickly understand the context of our business and add to the topics in discussion with noticeable propriety. The great feedback from the whole team shows that it was an asserted decision to collectively reframe our challenges with Ariane!





I found my session with Ariane quite exciting and fun! 

Her insightful enquirers and assessment of the brand enabled me to delineate my thought process and align my strategy with Edelgrund’s core values and aspirations.  Thank you, Ariane!

Kiosk Agency

Kiosk agency.jpeg

Kiosk Agency


There’s a clear process and strategy behind her teaching

Kiosk Agency is a Creative Communication agency focusing on brand communication and PR.

As a young and dynamic team, we are always looking for ways to grow and expand our business.


Prior to our workshop with Ariane, we had a clear idea about where we wanted to take Kiosk Agency but never imagined all the different layers and possible angles we can explore to stand out in the sea of competition and sameness. Ariane amazed us with her vast knowledge, experience and unique style. In a matter of a few hours, Ariane taught us how to rethink, refresh and adapt our brand to distinguish ourselves as a brand that stands for something - creating a direct emotional connection to customers and prospects.


We got so much out of our time spent with Ariane and thanks to her coaching we’ve started to look at things from new angles and embrace a new and exciting approach to PR. There’s a clear process and strategy behind her teaching.

Matthias Gösser.png

Matthias Gösser

Co-founder Careoline


Ariane's method will completely change your way of thinking and looking at your brand.

I'm co-founder of Caroline Life, a platform for mental wellbeing. Quite important these days.


We worked together with Ariane and thanks to her and her unique approach to branding, we were forced to really to take a deep look at the way we communicate.


Looking at your product as a real person like changes your mindset towards this because then the brand really works towards human needs which then defines the tone of your communication to your clients in a completely different and new way. I can really highly recommend Ariane who also was good fun to work with, but also challenging you.


Ariane's method will completely change your way of thinking and looking at your brand. Have fun and enjoy it.”

Park Hyatt, Zürich


Laura Amanzi

Director of Marketing & Communications, Park Hyatt Zürich

Thank you Ariane for your powerful exercises, which helped us to improve our productivity and to start our business meeting in a positive way!

Nescens Spa, Victoria Junfrau, Interlaken


Hans-Peter Veit

General Manager, Nescens Spa, Victoria Junfrau, Interlaken

We are much more connected to each-other and our guests.

All the participants of our Nescens team at the Victoria Jungfrau hotel learned a lot. The team has been brought much deeper together than before and everyone understands how we can achieve happiness by ourself then translate it to our guest experience.

Spooglers, Zürich



Spouses of Googlers, Zürich

Right away we put your techniques into practice.


Many thanks from all of us for such an inspiring talk and dialogue! We really appreciated your energetic and interesting session on how to "Step Outside Your Comfort Zone". In particular your tips on how to keep going and always stay in a positive mind.

As you could tell from the session, there were many Spooglers who were very interested in this particular topic. We have had very good feedback from the attendees after the event. Many are using your advice, as an example, chat with each-other about their goals and what they have done already to achieve their goals.

Occasion Brands


David Wilkenfeld

CEO, Occasion Brands - NYC

My team and I came away feeling energized and more connected after our session with her.

My team and I came away feeling energized and more connected after our session with her. "My company, Occasion Brands, recently had Ariane Tavakol do a mindfulness workshop for our employees in NYC.  Not fully understanding what to expect my team and I came away feeling energized and more connected after our session with her.

She began the session with two short guided visualization journeys followed by creative group activities. 

The transformation and positive feedback received in the days following our experience from my team were indicative of the power of mindfulness even in the very short time we spent together.

We look forward to having her back for more in depth time together.

Occasion Brands


Greg Hall

Director Corporate Communications, Occasion Brands NYC

We have a renewed a feeling of connectedness not only to our work but to each other as well.

I head up People & Culture for an online retailer and Ariane came on site to lead a mindfulness workshop for our team in NYC. Though hesitant, I was excited to bring her in, because I've learned on my own (through my awesome therapist, reading, and more) the importance of developing a mindfulness practice and the benefit it can drive not only for an individual but the other individuals in that person's life (family, friends, coworkers, etc.).


I'm happy to share that the team and I came out of our session with a renewed focus, reenergized spirit, and a feeling of connectedness not only to our work but to each other as well.


The hyperconnected world we live in today moves at warp speed. Ariane's session was a much-needed reminder, that taking a moment to pause and take a personal "mental inventory" can reap huge benefits for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

Kleinfeld Bridal Party


Jill Abruzzo

Brand Manager
Kleinfeld Bridal Party, NYC

The workshop was a gift!


Participating in Ariane's workshop provided me with valuable insight into our inner and external self-awareness. Self-awareness is critical in finding success in our personal and corporate lives.
Ariane provided us with tools and strategies in recognizing and managing this awareness in our everyday lives.
The workshop was a gift!

Blonde + Co.


Stephen Loping

Video Editor, 
Blonde + Co NYC

You helped me reconnect with a lost part of myself.

Ariane, When I was in 6th grade, my class was blessed enough to be visited by a Buddhist monk who taught us all about his religion. I took the idea of zen to heart at that age and was particularly drawn to the self-possessed, enlightened demeanour of it all. As the years went by, as I grew into adulthood and more of the world began impacting me, I fell out of touch with the importance of keeping time aside for self-reflection and improvement. 


When I heard you were coming into Blonde + Co for a workshop on mindfulness, I wasn’t expecting to get so much out of it. By taking us through the guided meditation, you helped me reconnect with that lost part of myself and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to be reminded of its necessity. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your discussion and exercise. 


Through daily practice and application, I won’t be forgetting to look inward for my own personal zen and pay it forward to all I may interact with. After all, we never know what another person may be going through, and maintaining perspective about our surroundings only serves to bring more harmony into this world we love so well. 

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