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My Manifesto

I’m NOT just a Coach. I’m NOT just about raising my clients' consciousness and pushing them to become the greater version of themselves, but also about pushing my own limits as an individual, as a teacher, a friend and a colleague.


I’ve designed my practice based on the qualities I want to find in the coaches I work with. 


What does this mean?

A huge desire to connect my students to their own creative genius, to create communities where people can thrive individually but also collectively and to leave a positive mark on humanity. It is not about ME and /or YOU, it’s about US. It’s about us wanting a better life and consequently a better world.


I’m in the business of improving my clients' lives by teaching them tried and tested methods that will reshape their beliefs and thus their connection to others.


I take my job very seriously and to stay true to myself, I created my own blueprint. I strongly believe in the power of individuality and creative thinking.

So here’s my personal Manifesto!

We’re all One.

I don’t give less or more attention to you based on your gender, age, sexual preference, creed, color or socio-economic status. And although my business Avatar is clearly defined, my preference is not limited to anyone in particular.

“Action is the Mother of ALL success.” - Marie Forleo

I believe that no progress will ever be done unless action is put forth. I encourage my clients/ students to step up their own game by Doing what they are required to do. Action is a goal in itself. Witnessing the transformation that happens to my clients after a few sessions together is one of the most prideful moments of my life, one that no amount of money can ever buy.

Constant Education & Innovation

When I’m not coaching or traveling, I spend my time learning to up level my own game. I push myself out of my comfort zone any chance I get because I don’t believe in stagnation. 

Fun and Creativity above all

Just because it’s deep work, it doesn’t mean it has to be void of creativity and playfulness. My formula itself is designed around creative thinking. Creativity is woven into everything I do - personal growth, business coaching, team building, brainstorming & branding. 

Congruency. Congruency. Congruency.

You will never see me preach something that I will not do myself. If I tell you to step outside your comfort zone, you can be sure that I will do the same no matter how scared and unwilling I am.


I am the same Ariane everywhere; at home, at work and with friends. My disposition will adapt to the situation at hand but my core values will NEVER change!

My two core values are:

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includes Freedom, Creativity, Growth, Learning, Perseverance, Uniqueness, Wisdom


includes Integrity, Commitment, Authenticity, Humour, Reliability, Leadership, Trust


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