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One-2-One Coaching


Would you rather be miserably comfortable or perfectly challenged? 

"I feel off track, frustrated, tired and sad and I’m so ready to change my life around.  I'm done with feeling this way! I've DECIDED to take full responsibility for my life." 

Image by George Gvasalia

My questions to you are …

  • Are you really ready? 

  • Are you really done with feeling this way and complaining about the same things over and over again?


Let me be clear. I’m not your typical coach.

Come to me only if you’re really done with feeling this way and are really ready to change your life. Not before!

And if you're looking for a quick fix then I'm sorry to say that my program is probably not for you.


I’ll help you create your own life blueprints to bring your vision, your goals, and your dreams to life, but YOU will have to do the work.

You’ll go from imagining it to constructing it to living it.

"FLY" METHOD - Flourish 2 Liberate Yourself
Shed your old skin and get ready to FLY!

The coaching programs I was a part of, although taught me a great deal, never seemed quite complete. And that's the reason why I decided to create my own signature program, the "FLY" method: Flourish 2 (and) Liberate Yourself.

No-one ever said that the process of growth would be an easy and pain-free one! Look at what snakes have to go through in order to grow and in the process remove all the parasites that attached themselves to their skin!

Grow and thrive to free yourself from the invisible chains that have been holding you back all these years.

Here’s how we’ll work together:

  • We meet weekly over Skype or Zoom video for 8, 12 or 16 weeks depending on the time you want to spend with me.

  • You get your weekly audio recordings and worksheets to better grasp and learn the lessons and tools.

  • You have email and WhatsApp access to me in between our sessions. I don’t want you to ever feel abandoned, stuck or alone on this journey. I’m here All the Way!

If you are serious about a 1:1 relationship with me participating in the FLY signature program:


How it'll be to work with me.

90 min. spent together to understand where you're at, what your current challenges are and what outcome you'd like to reach.

Perfect for those who have commitment issues and need to feel the ground.


Unlearn to Create New.

Pick a problem, a struggle and we'll work on it until you crack it open. You'll get homework with a tailor-made roadmap.

 A minimum of 12 sessions.


Next Level Transformation. 

You want to re-write an Epic new story. You're ready to hack your system and create major shifts in your life. Thinking small is just not an option anymore.
You're dedicated and hungry for more

 A minimum of 16 sessions.

Ariane held up a mirror to my face and showed me my behavior. And showed me what I was doing was so detrimental and stopping me from being the person I could be!

Ana Maria Montero
Anchor CNN Money Switzerland


Ariane placed a light on my strengths so that I can see and accept them and made me also aware of my weaknesses but tackled those with a concrete, step-by-step plan, designed for lasting change that made use of my strengths. 


Aerospace Engineer


Sylvia Day.jpeg

 I am eternally grateful to Ariane for helping me find the inspiration to see myself in a new and objective way, debunk the limiting beliefs holding me back, and hold me accountable for my goals. I saw results from her coaching almost immediately, and those closest to me also commented on the positive changes they observed. 

Sylvia Day
Actor. Comedian. Improv Coach

Joyce Amil.png

When I first met Ariane, I was in a very transitional place in my life. I was lacking in motivation and inspiration.

She challenged me every step of the way. I started doing things I hadn't done before or had put on the back burner. 

I am now light years away from where I was the first day I met Ariane. 

Joyce A.
Founder of I AM. Stylist, Choreographer 


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