It's possible to  
reinvent yourself, at any time, any place & any age.

My motto is simple

Fast and effective #NoBullshitCoaching


Do you want to FlourishLiberate Yourself from all the non-sense that lives in your head? 






I help you dig deeper and figure out a way to learn to reconstruct yourself. With my proven and effective personal reinvention strategies, I lovingly (and sterlingly) move you to find your own way out of that undeniably complicated maze of life. 

And this has nothing to do with magic but with a good strategic alignment, a proven model and your own will to succeed.


My all time goal is to fully and completely support you in transforming your over critical self talk, and ultimately your life. 

I promise  you, once you start connecting the dots and start putting in the work (daily), your life will change.

 Get clear.  Incorporate. FLY! 

From deprecating self talks to
becoming an agent of transformation.

Change is HARD and I'd lie if I said that it was different for me. How do you think I know you so well?

For a very long time...

I hid behind all kinds of pretexts and excuses not to show up, not to lean in because I was too afraid of other people’s opinion of me and truly believed I had nothing interesting or valuable to add.

I was always the best at promoting everyone else but when it came to me … well, that’s a whole other story! 

Authoritative figures....

... Intimidated me. Growing up I never dared to engage in conversations with them, let alone question them. In my mind these people were graced with smarts and wit but they also had everything I didn’t – power, money, laser focus, natural charisma, amazing connections and a myriad of other qualities I can’t even remember because they were so many.

That fear showed up everywhere - at school, with friends and at work.

So ironic!

I was always (and still) known as THE Social Queen, the all time Connector, who somehow always managed to attract the most interesting, unique and successful individuals into her life. I’m also known as the go-to person for great advice and ideas. I spent hours (and still do)  decrypting the underlying messages of anyone’s problems to find the best suited solutions for that person.


And that's where the paradox lies

How people viewed me didn’t connect with how I viewed myself. I felt unaccomplished and insecure and nothing anyone said could change my mind.

Until I decided to re-write my story

There was no way around it - I had to completely change my narrative. The ultimate price tag wasn’t worth it. I was so ready to claim my power and my mind to finally be set free! 

I decided to take massive action and create my new Destiny!


With countless hours of deep diving and learning from the best coaches, I finally understood that for years I had created a blueprint in absolute disfavor of Me.


I started saying “No” to the things (and thoughts) that didn’t serve me and a big “Yes” to life!

Since then I have no problem asking for what I want and deserve (my non- negotiables) and I don’t let my fears dictate my life anymore.

It may seem simple but to get to this point took me years! 

Taking chances and committing to transformation became my driving force, the thread that connected all dots.

Reflect. Refresh. Reinvent.

My greatest moment:

becoming a Reinvention Architect

Once I truly integrated and followed my coaches' techniques and wisdom, my life began to change, slowly but sustainably - it all assimilated naturally and organically. 

All of a sudden I was asked to start coaching people professionally! A woman I had met at one of the many meetings I attended asked me if I could help her design a new life.  She felt totally stuck and didn't know where to turn.  I was a bit scared but oh so excited. I could have never dreamed in a million years that I had the power to move people and help them transform their lives.

Witnessing the impact I have and the glow on my students' faces motivates me to step up my own game every day.

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