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Unlock your Creativity Workshop


  • When was the last time you were in a pure state of flow? 

  • When was the last time you experimented with new ideas at work with your colleagues and had fun?

  • When was the last time you told everyone that you wanted to be an Astronaut, a president or a famous super star when you grew up?

  • And when was the last time Fun and Play translated into actionable strategies?

Can you remember?

Roses Welder

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This workshop is a playground for the mind, designed to unlock the door to your creative potential and guide you into the state of flow—a zone where creativity performs at its peak and time flies. 


We want you to tap into an often-unexplored source of ideas and bring them to the surface through a series of thoughtfully designed exercises that will challenge conventional thinking and encourage pure creativity.

Creative Thoughts

Imagine how you'd feel if you let go, experimented and played full out just for a few  hours?

In case you don't already know, Play:

  • releases endorphins

  • improves brain functionality

  • stimulates creativity (creative problem solving)

  • keeps us young and energetic

  • and so much more ...

What's Creative Flow?

When in a flow state, you become fully immersed in what it is that you're doing with zero care. You unlock mental barriers and access untapped creative energies. Time slows down and nothing else matters.


You're in the zone!

Scientifically speaking

Studies suggest that flirting, humour, imagination, sports, and other forms of play boost positive emotions, creativity, engagement, relationships, and even achievement.

Play is “…a robust predictor of how satisfied we are with our lives.”

Positive Psychologist Christopher E. Peterson


Objective:  Help participants explore and define their Ikigai by identifying their passions, talents, values, and potential contributions to the world.


Activity: "Ikigai Mapping" - Participants fill out an Ikigai template through guided reflection and interactive discussions, pinpointing what they love, what they are good at, what the world needs, and what they can be paid for.


Outcome: A personal Ikigai map that serves as a foundation for the rest of the workshop.


We'll hold the space for you to feel comfortable and safe.  

Break down mental barriers to access untapped creative energies.


Objective: Build on the Ikigai discovery by identifying activities that induce a flow state, connecting personal passions and skills with optimal experiences.


Activity: "Flow State Exploration" - Through a series of guided exercises and mini-challenges, participants engage in tasks related to their Ikigai, noting when they feel most "in the zone.”


Outcome: A deeper understanding of how to achieve flow in activities that align with their Ikigai.

Innovate freely! 

Use unconventional methods to generate ideas and solutions.

Come and create with us!
You'll be in great hands & you will not leave confused. If anything a little more curious.

Image by Marcel Strauß

Surprise Creative Coach

Ariane Tavakol.jpg

Ariane Tavakol

Personal & Brand reinvention Architect


We align ourselves with a number of creative and gifted experts helping us get into a creative flow state using their special talents.

Their capabilities range from movement therapy, to singing, drawing, to painting amongst other things.

A total treat for all the senses!


I provide tailor-made coaching and practical tools to help my clients strike the perfect balance between career growth and personal well-being.

My ultimate goal is to make their voice not just heard but unforgettable.

My secret weapon?

A blend of strategic savvy and creative flair. 



"Young children have incredible imaginations. 

They don’t yet have those voices inside their heads that remind them that their dozens of ideas for how to use a fork are silly or stupid. They don’t yet have that voice in their heads reminding them that “forks are for eating and this is how you hold it”. So, they do their divergent thinking first – here is this new object, what can it be used for.  Then, after experimenting with it, they do their convergent thinking and decide what purpose(s) the object has." (unknown)

Let's think like kids 

Are you ready to flow & create?

We can meet you at your office
Duration: 2 or 4 hours
Rate: TBD

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