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She got naked on my Podcast!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

How far have you gone just to be seen?

let's get naked! I'm serious!

What a better way to get to know each other, right? And isn’t that what we all ultimately want? For you to see me as I am, and for me to see you at your most true? To live authentic lives? I know it’s what I want…But mostly we don’t do it, do we? Or can’t or won’t. Instead we spend our lives shopping…looking for the best outfit to hide behind and cover our real selves up. Some of said outfits serve us for a time and we move on. Some we can change in and out of, depending on the occasion. And still others we wear so much that you start to believe that’s who you really are." - Ana Maria Montero
You can run with a lie but you can’t run from the truth. It will catch you…Well, turns out it works the same with personas that hide our true selves.

On this podcast, my guest completely reveals herself and hopefully by the end of it, you will too! That's right! It's exactly what I meant to write! I'm joined by my dear friend Ana Maria Montero who takes us through her journey of self-discovery, the evolution of her "Personas", and what it means to be completely naked and at peace with you you really are.

Here, Ana Maria takes us on an exciting expedition where at each stop we're met by one of her personas. There were a few stops along the way... From Goldilocks to the perfect Catholic school girl to Lady in Red, The Mom, and finally the Boss ... basically an around her world tour!

For those that don’t know Ana Maria yet, she is a multilingual, multi- platform broadcast journalist with 15-plus years in front of the camera. She grew up professionally at CNN – from intern to anchor desk – hosting her own daily show out of Los Angeles as well as conducting live coverage from numerous high-profile events across the globe. The pursuit of her own personal story brought this native American to Zurich, where she has spent the last few years discovering Switzerland.

Your turn to get naked with me!

Have you ever had a Persona (or two, or three..)? Who were they and what purpose did they serve?

And please don't be afraid of sharing because you know what they say about Sharing! ....



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