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Meet Paulie Kazanofski, the man behind the success story.

There are people in this world that touch you deeply just by virtue of being themselves. They don’t need to say much but just show up as their true self.

My guest today did that for me. I met him a few weeks ago for the first time on Clubhouse as we were both part of a panel discussing what it’s like to be a successful expat. While many would take this opportunity to rave about their accomplishments and accolades, dedicated his time there to uplift and share words of wisdom he acquired over the years.

We all know how much positive messages are not only needed but necessary, especially these days.

Paulie Kazanofski

Please meet Paulie Kazanofski, better known as one of the top real estate investors in the U.S. as well as a highly successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and so much more.

Some of the topics we discussed:

How are you different today, with millions on your account, from when you were broke?

I'm still the same. If you knew me on a deep level, and I still have the same friends from 40 years ago, I grew up in the same neighbourhood and they always say, "you have not changed. You're still the same guy and yeah".

I mean, obviously, I have houses, watches and they're nice, don't get me wrong. I don't want to act like some cool guy but I'm just so simple. I still wear clothes from, you know, like TJ Maxx. I’m just a simple guy. I'll wear flip flops, a T-shirt and some jeans. That's my work attire.

Have you ever failed, and what do you think about failure or making mistakes?

I fail every day; I make mistakes every day. I talk about my failures all the time. I think it's important to embrace them. I lose in business all the time. Sometimes you buy the wrong house or buy the wrong building, it's not making the money you thought, but you're learning as you're failing and I embrace that. If you notice most people talk about how much they made, I love to tell students and people what I lost when I made the mistake, how I should have kept more of my houses that I flipped and I should have used bank money and leverage a little bit more, think bigger. I was still caught in the scarcity mindset like my mom gave me. I talk about those failures and still to this day, I fail every day but I catch myself more and more.


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