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How to Fail Productively with Professor Manu Kapur

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

“Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.” Samuel Beckett

For most of us, we try to avoid failure like the plague. We don’t welcome it into our lives and definitely never want to talk about it, unless it concerns someone else.

We've been conditioned to view failure and mistakes as our enemies. Most of us, especially in Europe, view them as taboo and inadmissible.

But what if we understood that mistakes are just temporary interruptions that are made to make us reflect back and think? What if we learned to embrace failure and use it to our advantage?

Today I am joined by my friend Professor Manu Kapur, the chair of learning sciences and higher education at ETH Zurich who studies the concept of productive failure - how failure can be deliberately designed to enhance learning.

During this podcast we dive deep into the concept of learning with failure based models, methods to embracing failure in our lives, and how to see failure as a necessary step to achieving success.


Chair of Learning Sciences and Higher Education at ETH Zurich, A footballer-turned-engineer-turned-teacher-turned-learning scientist, Manu developed the concept of Productive Failure—how failure can be deliberately designed and bootstrapped for deep learning.

Listen in and let's start embracing failure together!

And please don't be afraid of sharing because you know what they say about Sharing! ....

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