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You're being watched my friend ....

All the Time!

How you show up in life is your ultimate Business Card

How about these scenarios?

Scenario 1:

You're in a major rush. Any minute late could have huge repercussions on your career. And of course as luck would have it, as you bolt out of your building, a blind person emerges from nowhere, right in front of you pleading you to help her cross the street (mind you, you're going the opposite way!)

What will you do? - Pretend you didn't see her, run to your meeting and not think twice about this woman? She's blind after all and won't recognize you next time she walks by you .... unless she's a super smeller! Then you're out of luck my friend.


- You don't even think twice about it. You gently hold her by her arm and slowly walk her across the street. You feel good about it and if your partners get mad so be it. In the meantime, unbeknownst to you, you were being watched by your neighbours ..... (they could be very important people) Scenario 2: After a few drinks, you promise a person you've only met a couple of times that you'll help them with their move the following day.

The next morning, as expected, is a disaster. You wake up completely disheveled with a hair style that even Einstein wouldn't envy. Your mouth is as dry as dust and your "brain hurts like a warehouse".

The night before seems like a distant memory shelved in yet another "Don't wanna think about" drawer.

But it's all good because it's Sunday and you have nothing going on. Or at least that's what you thought until... your door bell rang, again and again, louder and louder. "Hey, it's me! Ready to go? We have a long day ahead of us so don't forget to take your water bottle and snacks with you."

What will you do? - Come up with a great story (believable enough) to get yourself out of this promise? After all you hardly know this fella and don't owe him anything.


- Drink a litter of water, take a couple of aspirins, put your big boys pants on, march out as if it were your best friend waiting outside. In the meantime, unbeknownst to you, this man is a very, very good person to know! (but you won't know it until you need to know)


We may not be aware of it but while we stroll through life being ourselves, minding our own business, others are paying attention. Congruency, decency, kindness and of course talent shape your reputation and are decisive in raising your brand's outside perception.

Show Up as your Best Self.. always! Be good to yourself & kind to others.



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