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Your face says it all!

You don't need to say anything.

Have you been in situations, socially or professionally, where you went home feeling horrible about yourself? You felt horrible not because of anything anyone said but rather what they conveyed with their body language?

Has it happened to you to be in a conversation with someone and that person spends the entire time looking around worrying about what is happening everywhere else but where she/he's standing?

Or has it happened to you to be in a conversation with someone and suddenly another person joins in, and apparently they become far more interesting than you because all of the sudden, you're completely ousted from the group when they flat out turn their backs, as if you never existed?

I bet you that most of these people don't even realize what they're doing - it doesn't really help the matter.

From personal experience and also thanks to my heightened sense of empathy, I've always been aware of my physical space and have always made sure not to EVER make anyone feel unwelcome or unworthy.

My eyes are everywhere!

If someone is alone, I'll invite them to join me. If someone is standing in the group not knowing anyone, I'll make sure to make proper introductions.

At the end of the day, we ALL want to feel important. We want to be seen, heard and understood - as simple as that. No words needed, just actions!

Do you know what my biggest Pet Peeve is?

People whose Motto is to empower others but their behavior in real life says the complete opposite.

Verbal on non verbal?

We spend the majority of our waking hours communicating with people one way or another. They say that 80% happens non-verbally simply by using cues like eye contact, facial expressions, body movement, etc...

If you're a parent or remember when you were a kid, you'll probably know what I mean by "The Look!"

I can still remember that a simple look from my mom would suffice to stop me dead in my track because I knew that what lied behind that look was far more scary! So no words were ever needed, just a simple gesture!

Do we always need to use language to express our feelings and opinions or are there other ways that are as, if not more powerful and poignant?

I don't think these need captions!

But if you don't think they speak loud enough let me know.

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