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A Woman. A Creative. She's Probably Broke!

A myth or a reality?

I've heard this too many times growing up. Many people assume that a woman choosing a career in the creative field (Artist, Writer, TV personality, Creative Director, Photographer, etc.) as a way to escape her mundane life or her 9-5 job.

People are quick to write off this creative “passion” as nothing more than a hobby which from time to time, if she’s lucky enough, will earn her some money.

However, this is simply not true! It is possible to thrive as a creative doing what you love while making money. To prove it, on this episode of The Ariane Tavakol podcast I am joined by three incredible successful creative women entrepreneurs.

Who are these incredibly women you may ask?

Read their bios below!

Ana Maria Montero, a multilingual, multi-platform broadcast journalist with 15-plus years in front of the camera. She grew up professionally at CNN-from intern to anchor desk- hosting her own daily show out of Los Angeles as well as conducting live coverage from numerous high-profile events across the globe.

Camilla Douraghi Fischbacher, the Creative Director of Christian Fischbacher and a Fine Art Photographer. At Christian Fischbacher she oversees the total look of the brand as well as the collections of interior fabrics, wallpaper, carpets and home accessories.

Roshanak “Roshi” Khalilian is a Visual Artist who is the Founder & CEO at Atelier Roshi GmbH. Her works evoke contrasting and even conflicting feelings and experiences: hope and death, wealth and poverty, joy and sadness, the light and the dark aspects of hope in life. They reflect the ambiguity and fullness of human nature and the power of hope.

Each of these women are trailblazers who have learned to embrace their creative selves and thrive while doing what they love.

Listen to their journey’s on this week’s podcast!



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