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Failure Drives Reinvention

Failures are just temporary interruptions to make us reflect and grow

I believe that once you figure out how to tame that inner voice, you know the one constantly rambling on and giving you all kinds of bad advice, your life will be completely different.

What if failures were a necessary step toward success and mistakes just temporary interruptions to encourage reflection and growth? How would it change your life? 

My guest today couldn’t agree more. His name is Pitof and he's had many lives, some of which we can't even imagine. His vision is to use technology to help others overcome stress and anxiety in a new way.

In this episode, Pitof shares his three-step process for taming your fears , and build the life you've been imagining all these years.

I was frozen by fear!
I’ve learned to tame the monster.
You have to love the problems in order to live with it.

Life's unexpected turns will be the inspiration for new actions.

Pitof is an adrenaline seeker, an adventurer with a passion for cutting edge technology.

He has had his share of incredible successes and unfortunate failures.

When he is not flying his small two-seater aircraft or taking pictures, he is busy developing, producing, and distributing VR content for culture and wellbeing.

He has learned from his experience as a director in Hollywood and has overcome many instances of failure and fear throughout his career. He's using what he has learned to pivot his career into VR technology to help others dealing with stress and anxiety. Here is Pitof’s advice to overcoming fear on your journey to living a better life:

Pitof had to learn to accept his failures and to not only live with them but use them to thrive.

Today he shares with us the 3-step process he's been using to overcome and tame the "Monster".

Fear is what holds us back and keeps us from living our best life.

1. Respect Fear

Fear gives you a bearing of where you stand and where you shouldn’t stand. In a way, fear can be your compass to navigate instead of an anchor that is holding you down. Allow yourself to feel fear but don’t let it hold you back. Allow yourself to acknowledge it and develop ways to overcome it.

2. Love and Trust Yourself

In order to be loved you need to love yourself. In order to be successful, you need to trust yourself. If you want to be loved by others around you, you need to first love yourself. The confidence you bring to your work shouldn’t be depended on the opinions or acceptance of others. Your confidence needs to come from within by trusting in yourself and your abilities.

3. Find passion in what you do

You only have one life to live. Spend your life doing work that is rooted in passion and truly brings you joy.

What did you learn from hearing Pitof’s story this week of overcoming fear and failure?

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