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You too can reinvent yourself, even in the midst of chaos

A few years ago, as I moved to Switzerland from New York City, I found myself in a very tricky and unhappy spot. I had left everything (and everyone) I knew and loved behind to start a new life. I had no idea what to expect or how to navigate it all. I just jumped and hoped for the best!

Months into my move, as I was getting more desperate to find my voice again and my space in this world, I decided to start something completely new, which I knew nothing about (and didn't even think I liked!) - Blogging!

Thankfully, I had my husband's full support and faith! The pain of not doing anything surpassed by far the joy of doing something ... I had no choice but at least try. I needed a creative outlet. I needed to find myself again. I needed to reinvent myself!

And that's what I did with Discover Out Loud! Some people were too polite to say anything negative and some people just made fun of my new idea thinking that it would lead to nothing. But I didn't care because I knew that I had no other choice. And I jumped! And that's when everything changed.... for the BETTER! I completely reinvented myself and discovered an Ariane I never imagined existed before.  All the ups and downs brought me to where I am today.

Which brings me to my beautiful, smart, inspiring guests Alex and Candice.

I’m SO thrilled to have had them on We Keep it Real with Ariane webinar series last Friday. 

Alex, founder of #EATbyALEX and Candice, founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate didn't just become successful overnight. Their journeys were filled with many twists and turns. But one thing that they never lost sight of was their Purpose. Alex almost suffered a burn out as she was going up the ladder in her banking job. She was unhappy and unfulfilled, even with her steady pay check and status.  Candice couldn't connect with the fashion industry anymore. A career which gave her pleasure for so long was now making her ill. She was tired, had inflammation, candida, thyroid issues, anxiety and lost all inspiration in her life.  In this webinar, you’ll hear about the moment(s) that changed their lives and how they've learned to deal with uncertainty and adversity. And today more than ever, they have had to swiftly modify their business models to adjust to the changes brought about by COVID-19. 

This episode is fun, light and reel. 

You’re not going to want to miss this!!

  • 3:21: Intro 

  • 4:28: "I'm the Master of #Reinvention !"

  • 8:52: Introductions of Alex & Candice

  • 10:00: How Alex reinvented herself and what it took to become successful

  • 30:20: How Candice reinvented herself and what it took to become successful

  • 44:04: Transitions are not always easy

  • 46:11: How COVID-19 affected their businesses and what they are doing to recover

  • 55:08: Comments / Questions

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a dark place, or feel constantly frustrated and scared with your life and want to make it better, more fulfilling and fun, be sure to tune in.

No matter what you’re facing now, you have what it takes to become the person you’re meant to be and do what you're meant to do.  Much love! Before anything else, please stay safe and heathy.

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