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Learn how to Fuel the Fun in Fear with 2 very special guests from Hollywood

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


In times like today when planning for the future seems like a thing of the past, when uncertainty is the most certain thing we can rely on, wouldn't you say that being scared and anxious is normal?

Some good things about fear:

Fear is a survival mechanism meant to protect you. "True fear" arises when you're in clear physical danger.

Then you have the "false fear" which also helps you behave more responsibly. If you weren’t tormented by fear, you would throw away your money, leave your child unattended, marry the first person you fall in love with...  false fear is what motivates you to make good decisions.


Is it reason enough to let fear rule you and stop you from living a full life?


Learn to resist fear and use it to motivate you to step outside of your comfort zone. Learn to accept it, embrace it and use it to fuel your creative bone. On the other side of this dark and thick wall resides a world full of colors, rainbows and opportunities. 

And who better to prove this theory than my super guests from Hollywood, Matt Beard and Pitof? They've mastered the art of overcoming their fears by accepting failure and the unknown as part of life.

They each experienced many rough and bumpy rides in their lives and somehow figured out how to not only survive but thrive.

Meet my special guests


 - - - - -  We were all captured by Matt's lens!

Matt doesn't just take pretty pictures of people. He has a way about him to disarm his subjects by simply seeing them. Even the most uncomfortable and least photo-ready person (aka Me!) somehow taps into their top model self with complete ease when in the hands of Matt Beard.

Matt is the nicest and easy-going creative I've ever worked with. He never crumbles under pressure and always find an artful way out of tricky conversations/situations.


Director, Producer, Writer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Photographer, Editor, Musician. Kind, talented, shy, uber creative, introverted and a Pioneer... this is the Pitof I know.  When he's not flying his small 2-seater aircraft or taking pictures, he's busy developing, producing and distributing VR content for Culture and Well-Being  - not a surprising career move given his love for cutting edge technology.  Once you're done reading the quick summary of his career's highlights (it would take me hours to share all his achievements), you will understand why the topic of "Fuelling the Fun in Fear" is so relevant in Pitof's case.

  • Pioneer in digital imaging: Pitof made his debut in visual effect in 1986. He worked with recognized directors like #JeanPierreJeunet, #LarsVonTrier, #WimWenders, #BertrantTravernier, #JeanBaptisteMondino, #JeanPaulGoude, #AlainChabat , #LucBesson.. #Pitof developed the first French software for digital visual effects used in feature films.

  • Medal of Arts & Letters: awarded by the Minister of Culture in France.

  • Prize for visual effects: Pitof was second unit director on Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s "Alien: Resurrection".

  • First feature film ever in high definition: Pitof’s feature film directorial debut on “#Vidocq”, the first feature film ever made in High Definition starring #GerardDepardieu and #GuillaumeCanet. The movie received many awards & honors. (The #CitizenKaneAward, Best Film, Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Music, and Best Makeup from the Catalonian International Film Festival in Sitges, Spain)

  • DIRECTOR: Pitof makes his Hollywood debut directing “#Catwoman” for #WarnerBrothers, starring #HalleBerry and #SharonStone.  

  • Virtual Reality: Pitof co-founded 6th Sense #VR, a company developing, producing and distributing VR content for Culture and Well-Being. 

I know times are extremely difficult now - our world has been turned upside down in no time and tomorrow is uncertain.

It's understandable to feel fear, anxiety and pain, but I know in my heart that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel, as long as we stick together and encourage each-other. That's why I'm doing this.

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