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Just Because....

... I'm thinking of you. (even if we don't know each-other well or haven't talked in a while)

...I'm grateful that you're still here and haven't deleted me!

... I wish you well.

And Just Because

...things may not seem so peachy these days, it doesn't mean it's for ever. ... you lost your job, it doesn't mean you'll never find one again. ... you don't get along with your boss or colleagues, it doesn't mean you can't learn how to. ... your client list is depleting, it doesn't mean it won't grow again. ... you feel down today, it doesn't mean you'll be down tomorrow. ... you haven't found Love Yet, it doesn't mean you will never. ... you haven't succeeded Yet, it doesn't mean you're not smart or good enough. ... you don't have the J-Lo bootie, it doesn't mean yours is ugly.   ... you have a few extra kilos, it doesn't mean you're lazy. ... you're an introvert, it doesn't mean you're boring or have nothing to say. ... you've failed a couple of times, it doesn't mean you're a Failure!

We don't always need a reason to reach out to people.

Send your family, friends, colleagues, clients or boss a "Just Because..." text and see what happens next.

And please share your findings with me :)

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