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Make them jealous she said!

By living your life Out Loud, on your own terms.

What do you do when you know you're ready to pivot in your career but you're way too scared to make a move?

Alex Marmaziu and I met a few years ago when I had just moved to Zurich at friends' house. We didn't really talk much then but one thing that I clearly remember was her big and contagious smile, which thankfully she still has. I knew back then that she was a successful banker working for one of the two major Swiss banks. I let you figure out which one it is :) She had been there a few years already and seemed like she was doing quite well. She possessed what most of us only dream of having -  beauty, youth, a great relationship, a job which allotted her an amazing lifestyle and a gorgeous flat in town - basically the epitome of what our society labels as success. Then a couple of years later I found out that what on the outside seemed like perfection looked very different on the inside.

Then something happened.

Alex decided to leave her job at the investment bank after 10 years ... without a plan!

Alex decided, against all odds and public opinion to drastically change her life. If she didn’t quit, she would fall prey to society’s expectations and undoubtedly experience a burn out. Her family and close friends taught she was out of her mind to leave a stable life. For what? A dream to become an entrepreneur?   Deciding to make a change in your career and embrace the unknown takes a lot of courage but one of the most difficult part in making that decision stems from others' judgments. Alex is proof of that. People will judge your decisions, sometimes put you down, or make you feel foolish but don’t let them hold you back.

Today, two years later, Alex is all over the local news and belongs now to the “disrupters”, “innovators” culinary Club!

EatbyAlex is a clean eating delivery based company created out of a need for something new, delicious and nutritious using only plant based ingredients, prepared freshly every day.

"Ready-to-eat meals powered by plants. ready meals delivery. no plastic, no food waste. 100% natural, plant-based. load up on greens."

Listen to this podcast episode now.

Here's what I learned from listening to Alex.

1. Give yourself time to explore and figure out what you want to do

You don't need to have all of the answers figured out right now. Trust yourself and give yourself the grace to breathe and figure out what you need to do, one step at a time. Life is full of uncertainty but as long as you believe in your knowledge and capabilities you can overcome the obstacles that you face along the way.

2. Surround yourself with supportive people

Build a tribe of people who you can lean on to support you when the road gets tough. Sometimes your own family may doubt you or feel scared for you but don’t let that stress you out. No matter what, as long as you believe in yourself and have people who keep you rooted in your purpose you can accomplish your goals.

3. Learn to discover the things that you are strong at

Find things to do that lean on your strengths and the things you love to do most. The key to build a happier life is to fill your time doing what you love.

4. Reframe risks to be seen as beautiful opportunities

The risks that come with reinventing yourself and making the changes necessary to create the life you desire are not risks at all! Instead of thinking of the risks start thinking of the opportunities that are out there for you and use them as motivation to keep going!

5. Failures are opportunities to grow

Everyone fails. Failure is one of our greatest teachers and helps you grow. Allow yourself to fail, learn and re-try until you get what you want.

6. Make them jealous

Live your life out loud! Shout your wins from the rooftops, show off the amazing places you go, and celebrate every accomplishment you make along the way to becoming you and living the life you deserve.

What did you learn from hearing about Alex’s journey?

Thank you for reading! And you know what they say about sharing .... xoxo


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