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"Business As Usual?"

#COVID-19, invited itself and has settled in! Have you ever been in a situation where before you knew it you agreed to someone you barely even liked, to stay over for a couple of days? Couple of days turned into a week then turned into a month? In the meantime, your entire world went upside down? No social cues or even blatant rudeness seemed to deter them?

Did you stop doing all the things you loved most because of this unwelcomed and definitely unwanted guest?

My guess is some of you had to give up some things, but I hope not everything!

Do you feel wrong about moving on with your life and business at a time when the world has turned upside down?   My question to you is WHY?

My answer is the following: (be careful as it may ruffle some feathers!)

The reality is what it is. In the meantime, we're still human beings living a human life. And with it comes a series of responsibilities.

  • The facts are what they are. Our reaction to them is what will make the coping different.

  • You choose to simmer in negativity and fear or 

  • You choose to dance and sing your way through

  • Neither will change the cards we're dealt with but they will definitely change your mental and emotional state. (and those of the close to you)

For those of us with online-based businesses:

  • I know you may feel bad about "doing business as usual" because it feels wrong to keep pushing when your favorite local restaurant and Reform House may have to close down, or because so many lives have been lost.

  • The fact is that we simply CANNOT stop. We still need to keep going and building.

  • Our economy heavily relies on us to keep buying and selling. Let's help it bounce back.

Does making money in these trying times mean not offering help for free? 


For my part for example, I offered a few coaching sessions for free to help those feeling anxious relieve some of the pain they're experiencing by talking about it.

I'm also organizing a free webinar as a means for participants to share, discuss and consider new ideas. 

The best and most innovative ideas are always generated in times of scarcity and restrictions.

Please stay safe. Drink a lot of water and keep yourself and others safe by staying home.

Make #FaceTime 'Win'O'Clock' dates with your parents and friends.

#Meditate. #Dance. Cook and Smile. 

We have a lot to be grateful for, even in the midst of chaos.

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